Psychotherapist & Anxiety Specialist



California Southern University, Masters in Psychology, American Military University, Masters in Public Health, University of California at Santa Barbara, Bachelor of Arts in Business Economics


Christopher’s professional experience extends far beyond the cushions of the therapy couch. He is the former Deputy Director of the El Dorado County Public Health Division, Health & Human Services Agency, where he managed county-wide public health programs, secured nearly 3.5 million dollars in grant funding to serve his community, and worked directly with delinquent youth in high-risk juvenile detention centers and individuals struggling to secure stable employment while overcoming obstacles such as health, housing, and childcare.
In his transition into the mental health field, Christopher has worked in various settings including psychiatric institutions, board and care homes and independent living facilities. Now, in addition to being a therapist with West Coast Anxiety, he is the founder and director of the El Dorado County Opioid Coalition, where he works with health care organizations, community-based non-profits, public leaders, concerned residents, and consumers to combat the “opioid crisis.” Christopher’s commitment and dedication to advocacy work for both his local community and the mental health field add breadth and depth to his clinical work and treatment plan development.
Do you wonder...

Why am I so anxious?

There are four primary ways we develop clinical anxiety – we call these “vehicles of acquisition.

We explore your vehicles of acquisition to create the most effective treatment path. Then, we get to work.