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I’m Jennie ~ Founder, psychotherapist, and supervisor with the West Coast Anxiety Clinic. The West Coast Anxiety Training Institute’s training program is one of the most important features of our clinic and allows us to improve accessibility to our extraordinary evidence-based care. To ensure the highest quality of services to all WCA clients, we promise to be a supportive, passionate, and compassionate teacher on your journey toward professionalism. Our goal is for you to leave this placement an ethical and competent clinician who approaches care with integrity and curiosity. We hope you’ll choose to join us.
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Internship Flyer

We are a small, private mental health clinic serving states along the West Coast of the United States: We have licensed clinicians in California, Oregon, and Washington. Our primary treatment focus is anxiety and co-morbid diagnoses. Though we focus on Anxiety-Spectrum Disorder like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, phobia(s), and Agoraphobia, it’s common we receive and treat clients who also have Depressive Disorders and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. We do not accept insurance.
We have three main goals in forming the Internship Program:

We are looking for someone who is flexible, clinically-informed, and curious about clinical theory and practice. Like the company, our internship program is new and our interns are asked to operate with a high degree of autonomy. However, while our program is new, our supervisors have trained numerous students and fully licensed clinicians. Our expectation is that 50-60% of the hours you spend in placement will be client-facing. Where clinically indicated and possible, a student may have the opportunity to sit in on or participate in a therapy session but this is not guaranteed. The final expectation of this placement involves research and program development wherein we collect data on the effectiveness of services offered through the internship program, and use this data to improve our program’s training and operations.

​A general timeline for placement offered below. We require a candidate spend at least 9 months with WCA and that they will be in placement 16-24 hours/week with a panel of 7-12 clients; The remaining time allows time for notes, treatment planning, individual supervision & consultation, “light” research, and group facilitation (if the intern so chooses).


Do you wonder...

Why am I so anxious?

There are four primary ways we develop clinical anxiety – we call these “vehicles of acquisition.

We explore your vehicles of acquisition to create the most effective treatment path. Then, we get to work.