Founder, CEO, Psychotherapist



University of Washington, Masters in Social Work, California State University Northridge, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology.


Jennie’s passion for evidence-based therapies lead her to found West Coast Anxiety, where she is currently a practicing psychotherapist. After graduating in 2016 with a Masters in Social Work from University of Washington, Jennie founded and developed The Polyclinic’s Medical Social Work department; after she joined Seattle Anxiety Specialists in 2019, she founded and developed their Clinical Education & Training program. Her passion for quality training and education has led her to support those on their educational journey while deepening her own expertise in the field.
Do you wonder...

Why am I so anxious?

There are four primary ways we develop clinical anxiety – we call these “vehicles of acquisition.

We explore your vehicles of acquisition to create the most effective treatment path. Then, we get to work.