Jennie & Gene, 1988

When Jennie Ketcham Crooks founded The West Coast Anxiety Clinic, she was inspired by the passion of her father Gene Ketcham who worked tirelessly to support his family (even though his family wasn’t near him for a significant part of his life). Gene believed the quality of your life isn’t measured by the size of your suffering but by the size of your heart and adventurous spirit. Gene wasn’t a mental health clinician, but he always prioritized the commitments he made and walked toward the life he wanted. Jennie, like Gene, has always been an adventurer; yet, that bully fear had kept her life small. When Gene died in 2018, Jennie stopped letting fear bully her around, and jumped into private practice full-time.

Jennie & Gene, San Juan Teotihuacán, 2016

Revolutionizing Access

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic revolutionized the mental health industry. Telehealth became the primary means of mental health care and recovery. The industry learned that Telehealth means better access to care, and more time with the people we love doing the things we love.

And yet, more than ever in the field of mental health, we’re witnessing therapist struggling to maintain their roster of patients, overwhelmed by the complications involved in navigating insurance companies and complex clinical presentations, a balancing act of demands that bleeds into the patient/therapist relationship. Most alarmingly, the majority of the patients who come through our doors have been in therapy for years and have spent thousands of dollars “just talking” to someone about their feelings – never resulting in any actual change. They tell us they need to do something different.

We’re interested in doing something different. At West Coast Anxiety Clinic, in addition to the ease of connecting in your home or office, we keep a low roster of patients so we have time to prep for session and maintain updated case conceptualization. We have standard 60-minute appointments so we can nurture our relationships, and so you never feel rushed. Finally, we have an incredibly high standard for all our clinical hires, which allows us to ensure you get the extraordinary care you deserve. Our patient-first mentality means that we aren’t here to simply listen to you ~ we’re here to help you make your life as big as you want it to be, on your terms and your time. It’s a commitment we keep.

Jennie Ketcham Crooks

The West Coast Anxiety Clinic, 2023
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