Holiday Slump? ACT Your Way to Meaning!

Ho, ho, ho, my festive friends! It’s that time of the year again – the season of joy, laughter, and endless holiday cheer. Or is it?!? What if, instead of feeling like Buddy the Elf on a sugar high, you find yourself stuck in a tinsel-covered slump? Fear not! We’re here to unwrap the magic […]

World, Meet Justin Rosgen

Generally speaking, therapists are great at asking questions. What we might not be great at is talking about ourselves – in fact, some of us might feel REALLY F*CKING ANXIOUS doing this. So, being exposure-oriented, we decided to put our newest team member and intern, Justin Rosgen, on the spot. He’s a great sport, and he’ll make a great therapist too.

Clinical Musings and Treatment Directions for Procrastination

This blog is a follow up to a different blog about Procrastination… (check that out here) Procrastination as a skills deficit (Answer 1 & 2), I’m usually wondering… Procrastination as avoidance, orientation toward a feared-future (or conceptualized past), fusion, inaction, self-as-content, or unclear values (Answer 1 – 6), I think “Ah, psychological inflexibility” and this […]