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We offer well-established evidence-based treatments for anxiety and anxiety-related difficulties. As a standard of care, we provide comprehensive assessments, targeted treatment plans and interventions, and aftercare planning that promotes longterm change.Our intention isn’t to make anxiety go away. Instead, we help you live life so big that it doesn’t matter if anxiety is in it. 


Have trained in process-based therapies that effectively target anxiety and anxiety-related difficulties.

Value learning. At WCA, our clinicians devote time outside their clinical hours to deepening their clinical skills and experiential knowledge through training. We regularly participate in clinical consultation and continuing education to ensure your care is supported by a community of skilled clinicians. The result of our dedication to learning and clinical care is measurable by our clinical outcomes.

We invite you to experience it for yourself.


Jennie Ketcham Crooks LICSW

Founder, CEO Psychotherapist

Jennie Ketcham Crooks LICSW


Adina Aldea PhD.

Clinical Director Psychologist

Adina Aldea PhD.


Christopher Weston LMFT

OCD Specialist Psychotherapist

Christopher Weston LMFT


A transdiagnositc approach to treatment ~ You are more than your symptoms.

Research suggests that there are more commonalities amongst the different diagnoses than there are differences. In process-based therapy, we use the word “process” to mean “a series of actions meant to accomplish some result.

In other words, a process is the sequence of events that influences your wellness.

Maybe it’s a positive sequence: Say you admire someone who meditates, which leads you to start meditating, which influences your wellness. Maybe it’s a negative sequence: You’ve been avoiding advocating for yourself in the workplace because it makes you feel anxious, which keeps you stuck in a job that’s below your skillset and leads to belief in the thought “I don’t deserve to move up.” This avoidance keeps you in a feedback loop of anxiety, where rigidly avoiding the experience that makes you anxious means you never learn from what the experience has to offer – that you do have the skill to move up, you just don’t have a boss that sees that independently of your advocacy!

There are a variety of sequences occurring in any one person at any one time. In a process-based therapy, we examine processes of change and use targeted interventions to make these processes more flexible. In other words, we help you stop avoiding the stuff that freaks you out, we test your beliefs and measure them against your experience, and we do it all in service of living a big and meaningful life right here, right now.


While our treatment plans are flexible and address the processes of change, the healthcare and mental healthcare industry still need a concrete way to talk about the constellation of symptoms we treat.


Thankfully, the clinicians at West Coast Anxiety specialize in working with the scary stuff. We specialize in:
Do you wonder...

Why am I so anxious?

There are four primary ways we develop clinical anxiety – we call these “vehicles of acquisition.

We explore your vehicles of acquisition to create the most effective treatment path. Then, we get to work.