World, Meet Justin Rosgen

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Generally speaking, therapists are great at asking questions. What we might not be great at is talking about ourselves – in fact, some of us might feel REALLY F*CKING ANXIOUS doing this.

So, being exposure-oriented, we decided to put our newest team member and intern, Justin Rosgen, on the spot. He’s a great sport, and he’ll make a great therapist too. We can’t wait for you to meet him.

What motivated you to join our team/company, and what are you most excited about in this role?

One of the 1st things I learned in grad school was the ACT Matrix and I continue to see the versatility of its teachings in many walks of life. I was also drawn to Jennie and felt connected to learn from her. I think I am most excited to learn exposure therapy and to help those that have tried other avenues develop skills that will help them cope with what is ailing them. 

Can you share a bit about your background and previous experiences that have led you to this point in your career?

I worked in Residential with adolescents when I was freshly out of my undergrad. It was some of the most difficult work I’ve ever done and some of the most rewarding. I thought for a long time I wanted to become a clinical psychologist. However, after more life experiences, including a good amount of time in the food & beverage world, I decided I could have the most impact being a therapist. I did pretty much any job you can do in the food and beverage world and have made some lifelong friends and connections throughout my time in the field. 

Outside of work, do you have any hobbies or interests that you’re particularly passionate about?

I am quite into soccer – big Liverpool FC supporter. I love to be outdoors in the PNW – love hiking, snowboarding, and paddleboarding. I surf, but don’t love cold water, so only get to surf when I am in a tropical area. I’m big into yoga and am passionate about its teachings. Also, spending time with my kids in any capacity, we’ve recently started to see live music together and I am a big music person that has been really fun to get in to with them.  

Is there a specific skill or area of expertise you’re hoping to bring to the team, or a project you’re looking forward to working on?

I really believe in the power of the mind-body connection, and I hope to use breathwork with clients in the future. I also plan to one day work with somatics, specifically Somatic Experiencing and I hope to hone these skills. One day I want to develop a wellness program for the service industry and hope to delve in to that as well. 

Do you have a favorite book, movie, or quote that you find particularly inspiring or influential in your life?

I would probably say Viktor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ was and is the most influential and inspiring for me. I think everyone should read that book. He was a pioneer of experiential therapy and I read this book while in Austria taking a European Psychologists class in my undergrad and it weighed heavily on my decision to become a therapist. 

Are there any personal or professional goals you’d like to achieve while being a part of our team?

I want to further develop my presence as therapist. I’m very excited to learn Exposure Therapy and feel like it will help me to achieve a comfortability with my clients that maybe I wouldn’t get in a more traditional type of internship.  

What’s your go-to way to unwind or de-stress after a long day of work?

Often, it’s yoga. But a walk with my dog, a meal with my kids, a book, or doing nothing with tea and dark chocolate are also ways I like to unwind. 

Justin is taking new clients beginning October 1, 2023.

Email to set up your free first appointment.